Mont Vully Cheese

Le Classique: A Treat at Any Time

Our Classique is an exquisite semi-hard cheese, perfect for every occasion, whether it’s breakfast, brunch, supper or a simple snack; in a sandwich or on the cheese board for dessert. With its soft, delicate texture, its colour ranging from ivory to pale yellow and its mild and pure, slightly piquant flavour, this original cheese is always a hit.

By the way: As they mature in the cellar, the individual wheels of cheese are lovingly washed several times a week with Pinot Noir, the red wine that comes from the slopes of Mount Vully, and enhanced with a natural, annatto-based, colorant.

Silver medal at the World Cheese Championships

At the largest international cheese competition in Wisconsin USA from 6 to 8 March 2018, the Classique was awarded silver in its category. For more information, click here. 

Le Bio: The Mild Organic Variety

We began to develop the organic variety, Mont Vully Bio, with great enthusiasm according to the  Bio Suisse (Association of Swiss Organic Farmers) strict guidelines. A semi-hard cheese made with full cream organic milk from certified dairy farms wins you over from the very first bite. Perhaps slightly milder than the Classique, its delicate, pure and well-balanced flavour is pleasing to the palate. Mont Vully Bio is refined with Pinot Regent, an excellent organic Vully red wine.

Silver at the World Champion Cheese Contest 2022!

At the largest international Cheese Contest held in Madison, WI, USA, the Mont Vully Organic picked up the silver medal in its category.

Le Réserve: Worth the Wait

The Réserve is the ultimate treat for all those who enjoy a stronger flavour now and then. The Réserve is left to ripen for as much as 6 months longer than the Classique and Bio . This gives it a more piquant but not sharper taste, a firmer texture and an external colour that has a little more character. And, of course, each wheel is washed with authentic Vully Pinot Noir.

Gold medal at the Champion Cheese Contest in the USA!

Our Réserve won the gold medal in its category at the leading international cheese contest held from March 2022.