Fromagerie Schafer


Small and Independent

Here I am, Ewald Schafer, the proud owner of the Fromagerie Schafer. After completing a cheesemaker apprenticeship and graduating from the Dairy School in Grangesneuve, I attended the Agricultural College in Zollikofen near Berne, specialising in dairy farming. In 1991, I graduated with an engineering degree. As cheese-making is my passion, I did not look for an office job, but kept an eye open for a small business which I could run on my own and where I could put my ideas into practice.

When the opportunity arose in 1993 I took over the village dairy in Cressier, between Morat and Fribourg. It was the ideal solution as there was accommodation for my family on the 1st floor of the building. My wife Béatrice, who incidentally runs the village shop, and my four children Lisa, Anne, Matthieu and Jonas, are very happy that we can live and work in the same house. It means a lot to be close to my family.