Respect and love are a part of our nature. As a matter of principle, we are constantly focussed on new knowledge in order to protect nature and maintain responsible use of natural resources. We incorporate this knowledge into our overall provisioning, production and distribution processes wherever possible:   


  • We process only milk from the region. This saves on long distant delivery and has a positive impact on maintaining our energy balance.
  • Every litre of milk comes from cows who benefit from species-appropriate care.  Silage is totally avoided.
  • Our cheese is a pure, natural product: It does not contain any artificial colouring or preservatives.
  • There are no genetically modified organisms used in the milk production or during the fabrication process.
  • Thanks to a new steam boiler, our energy consumption has been reduced by 30% (heating oil).


The Mont Vully Bio Cheese complies with the strict guidelines set forth by Bio Suisse. Among others, they include the following points: 

  • No use of artificial fertilizers throughout the entire farm (Milk suppliers).
  • Cows graze freely outdoors.
  •  No pesticides are used on the pastures or in the fields.