From Emmentaler to Mont Vully Cheese

We have registered the appellation Mont Vully Cheese and it is only produced at our small dairy in Cressier above Murten/Morat. This was not always the case.


How it All Started

In 1993, when we took over, this dairy was producing mainly Emmental Cheese (known as "Swiss Cheese" in North America). As we were local people, we soon felt that Emmental cheese should be made in the Emmental and not in Cressier/Fribourg. Therefore, with great enthusiasm and optimism we put our hearts into developing a new kind of cheese. The first Mont Vully was produced in 1994: the cheese immediately found favour with cheese lovers; people began to ask for it more frequently and in larger quantities. As a result we were constantly able to increase production. As time went by, we were making more Mont Vully than Emmental and in 1998, only four years later, we stopped making Emmental altogether.


The First Award

In 1998 we won a gold medal at the prestigious Käsiade in Tirol, Austria, in a field of 357 competitors. In the semi-hard cheese category our Mont Vully was classified as exceptional. This award lent us wings and made specialist cheese buyers sit up and take notice.


Two New Cheese "Siblings" for the Mont Vully Classique

Mont Vully cheese noticeably evolved thanks to insider’s tips from cheese connoisseurs and experts who love the cheese and enjoy every day cheese for everyone’s pleasure. We are quite proud about this fact.  Nevertheless, we haven’t rested on our laurels: In 2003, the Mont Vully Classique had two “siblings” join the family; The Mont Vully Bio and Mont Vully Réserve.


Mont Vully Bio Wins and is Crowned as the Swiss Cheese Champion

When Mont Vully Bio was awarded the prize as the new Swiss Cheese Champion at the Cheese Makers Championship on October 27, 2006 in Huttwil, it was another high point in the history of our cheeses. It was officially recognized as best of the best in the all-round cheese categories, and was able to hold the official title for two years.  


And another Medal for the Réserve

Over the years, the insider’s tip on these well-loved semi-hard cheeses spread throughout Switzerland and reached over borders to countries far and wide. Thus, we are exporting more and more Mont Vully cheese to our neighbouring countries, including to the cheese loving country of France and even overseas. In 2010, our especially piquant Réserve won the silver medal at the World Champion Cheese Contest WCCC in Wisconsin, USA.


New, Back-Friendly Cheese Cellar Inaugurated on 2013

When the Mont Vully cheese production reached about 200 tonnes per year, it was soon no longer possible for every cheese to ripen in our small cheese cellar. So we decided to build a new cheese cellar in Cressier that is equipped with an automatic cheese turning machine. Turning cheeses regularly is necessary so that the cheeses can uniformly ripen. Thus, we inaugurated our newly built cheese cellar at the edge of Cressier’s village in 2013.  This was also an especially good move for the backs of our cheese makers’ team: The energy-sapping cheese turning by physical strength alone really builds muscles but is also a huge strain on the spine. Thanks to the new back-friendly cheese turning machinery, no more backaches.


2014: The Great Anniversary

Since 1994, our Mont Vully cheese has triumphed again and again. We celebrated our 20th Anniversary with a jubilee gala that included our business partners and staff at the “1476” performance at the open-air theatre above Murten, located on the original Battle of Murten grounds.  Of course, Mont Vully cheese was served, as well as being one of the main sponsors of the “1476” event.